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Jay Craig
CEO / Team Leader

“My role is to help grow our company as well as our individual agents’ businesses while providing leadership for the Market Center. Being able to pour into others, to help them achieve their goals thereby positively impacting themselves and their families is why I wake up every day.” 

Sally Hays
Assistant Team Leader

“My role is to find talented people who are interested in developing a real estate business. I assist in growing the office as well as business consulting with our current business partners. I have been in the real estate industry since 2002 and absolutely love encouraging others to go for their dreams and assisting them past their business obstacles.”

Kathy Love
Market Center Administrator

“As the MCA for the office, my role covers a variety of areas from accounting and operations to administrative support. I really love working with our diverse agent body, providing the support, encouragement and business expertise to help them achieve their Big Why’s.”

Jennie Brockman
Operating Principal

“As Operating Principal, my role is to work alongside the Market Center’s leadership, supporting them in reaching their big picture goals and championing KW Culture.”

Jennifer Grayson
Managing Broker

“My role is to ensure compliance with local, state and national Association rules. As a non-competing broker, my loyalties are to the agents of this office to make sure they have support and timely answers to their questions. I also assist in the large variety of in-office training we do on a monthly basis.”

Colt Wilson
Market Center Tech Trainer

“As the Market Center Tech Trainer, I love having the opportunity to help others grow and develop their skills, while also staying up-to-date on the latest technologies and trends in the industry. Being a part of a successful company helps me provide a great sense of pride and fulfillment in my job.”

Willow Love
Assistant Market Center Administrator

“I assist the Market Center Administrator with a wide variety of commerce-based issues including commissions, billing, earnest money, tax documents, and more. The best part of my job is meeting the wide variety of people that become real estate agents and making them feel comfortable doing the work!”

Haley Hubbard
Agent Services Coordinator

“As the agent services Coordinator, I onboard new and transfer agents into our firm and help them launch and expand their business with Keller Williams! I am also the go-to for all things MLS, board membership, continuing education and licensing.”

Jessica C. Fields
Director of Productivity

“As the Productivity Coach, I help agents not only GROW their business, but also RUN their business. I previously built a multi-million dollar business which was sold. Also I currently serve on a Board of Directors for a Small Business Incubator. My heart’s desire is to help agents SOAR – discovering new Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations and Results.”

Joyce Smith
Compliance Broker

“I help educate our associates with forms and documentation, and then ensure they are compliant with all real estate laws in our area. I love working with our agents as their business grows.”

Jenifer Sartain
Executive Administrative Assistant

“As the Team Leader’s Executive Assistant, I help with administrative tasks regarding the office as a whole. I aid the leadership staff day to day and help plan events, promote on social media, and help agents with any questions they may have.”

Mary Dunn
Director of First Impressions

“As Director of First Impressions, I’m responsible for creating a welcoming environment and providing exceptional customer service to all agents and visitors. I love having the opportunity to make a positive impact on the first impressions of our agents and clients and help them feel valued and taken care of from the moment they walk through our doors.” 

Jessica Borden
Director of Lead Generation

“I help our associates implement technology to support and grow their businesses in alignment with the MREA. I live for the “lightbulb moment,” when agents discover a technology tool that solves a business problem!”

Linda Lee
Managing Broker, Ooltewah

“As one of our team of brokers, I am here to assist our associates with interpretation of forms, mediation with other brokers, and finding the win/win in their transactions.  I love working with the The Keller Williams leadership team that focuses on everyone succeeding.”

Brad Fuqua
Managing Broker, Hixson

“Being in the broker role, I get to assist our agents with contract negotiations and interpretations, helping them through challenges and successes.  I love working with Keller Williams because they truly care for people.”

Robin Peterson
Director of Career Development

“Licensed in 1999, using my experience as an Agent, Principal Broker and Real Estate Educator, my role is to equip and empower our Agents with the knowledge they need to be extremely successful. Whether you’re a new or seasoned Agent, we provide the most comprehensive Real Estate training programs available in the world today!”