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What is Culture?

At Keller Williams we define Culture as the result of organizing the goals of a business around solid, positive, core values and then proceeding to cultivate them on a daily basis.

At Keller Williams, we value God, Family, and then Business. This hierarchy influences everything we do as a company and has created the culture that you see today. KW Associates find fulfillment in their daily surroundings. They are positively influenced by their workplace environment and are motivated to succeed by their like-minded peers. The company you keep matters and at Keller Williams we couldn’t be more proud of our business partners.

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Each year on the second Thursday of May, we celebrate RED DAY as part of our legacy worth leaving. Making a difference in the lives of others and bettering the communities that we serve lies at the heart of the Keller Williams culture. This observance defines who we are and is a natural extension of our commitment to the highest level of professional customer service. Over time, a growing number of our family members and friends continue to participate in this extraordinary event. It embodies the generous spirit and commitment associates have to “giving back” to the cities and towns they live and work in.

This year’s Red Day will be held on May 12th. We will be merging our activities with the intention of our Diversity & Inclusion Team to have a positive impact on our underserved communities. We will be spending the day volunteering at several local community garden sites, preparing the sites for spring crops as well as helping to build above ground garden boxes. If you are interested in joining us, please contact Kathy Love at 423-664-1603 or klrw532@kw.com.

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KW CARES: KW Cares was the brainchild of Keller Williams agents who had a dream to reach out and support fellow KW associates facing financial hardship due to major emergencies. Mo Anderson, vice Chairman of Keller Williams Realty, took this dream and brought it to fruition as a 501© public charity in 2003. Today, KW Cares is supported by associates from across North America. To date they have support 180,000 associates and awarded $48,000,000 in grants.

KWEB Cares: Created in 2018 by our Market Center, this 501©3 charity receives donations from special fundraising events, and community donations, as well as direct donations from our associates. We have been able to pay out in grants and awards more than $80,000 since it’s establishment just three short years ago.
One very special annual fundraiser we do is in memory of one of our beloved associates taken by cancer in 2019, Donnette Moore. This special Cake Auction each springs contributes several thousand dollars to KWEB Cares
In 2020 we were able to assist several of our associates who either lost their homes entirely in the Easter tornadoes, or had homes severely damaged. Not only were we abel to help them financially, but we showed up with chain saws and meals too!

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Habitat for Humanity: We have been a proud sponsor of Habitat for the last several years, collecting donations from our associates totaling over $50,000 year to date

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Taking care of our associates includes helping to keep them informed of the latest health news, encouraging healthy lifestyles, eating habits, and exercise. Our kw wellness Team coordinates an annual Flu Shot Clinic, Mammogram bus, and Adult Field Days.

We provide free healthy breakfasts each morning, Wellness Water, and offer healthy snacks for purchase throughout the day. In addition, healthy recipes in our Interesting Eye Newsletter and up-to-date health news digested from a variety of reliable sources.